Who We Are ?

Pegasus was officially founded in Vietnam since December 2015 and has been in oil trading business before it’s incorporation. Before 2015, the current founder and management team of Pegasus was just an oil broker team under an oil buyer’s mandate in Hong Kong and Singapore. After years of struggled and experienced in oil trade, the broker team was spread into two companies, Sinosin Oil and Gas Private Limited in Singapore and Pegasus Trading Management in Vietnam. Now, the team of Sinosin is still operating oil trading in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, while Pegasus is collaborating the oil trade as an intermediary. On top of that, Pegasus is currently trading investment grade of fine gold in Vietnam market. Eco Energy Limited (Labuan) joined the team of Sinosin and Pegasus since.
Even though this platform is a joint project with Sinosin and Eco Energy, Pegasus will provide full protection to all the participants in this system. Your principle is always under guaranteed with a written Warrant issued directly by us.

Our Project and Plan
  • This project liaise to the Sales and Purchase Agreement (Contract Reference: THL/PGSI/JVNNPCJV Ops/BLCO /001/04/15), one of our crude oil trading agreements sign on May 9, 2015, and its extension in the future. The purpose of this project is to contribute partially into the Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC), it is a banking instrument used in SWIFT message MT760 to act as a block fund for the additional oil ship-ment. SBLC is very commonly used in international trading activities.

  • In return from this project, we receive earning from the intermediary commission and the trader profit, while you will receive constant earning from part of the trader profit. Physical oil trading always result higher percentage of return compare to other high risk investment like paper oil Forex or oil Future.

  • Since trading only happen when there is earning, trading always occur with profit assurance. To answer for your confidence and your support to our project, your principle will be guaranteed by us until the expiry of your participation.

Latest Withdrawals

Username Payment Date Amount
myjl... 20/01/2017 22:03 $1.83
myjl... 20/01/2017 22:03 $2.16
myjl... 20/01/2017 22:03 $2.16
myjl... 20/01/2017 22:02 $2.16
xuan... 20/01/2017 15:12 $14.00
ATAM... 20/01/2017 13:39 $4.00

People Who Trust in US!

For your due diligence, other than providing you valid and genuine information, photos, letters, documents and proof, we also display all the earnings from every accounts with valid withdrawal here. We confident our system can return you a stable earning everyday, so you will start to see your earning immediately from the next day after your participation. You are welcome to send us a testimony of compliment if you are satisfied with our service, we will gladly appreciate with your sharing here.!

Quotes of Our Customer

The return is stable, I see my return everyday.

Hugh Stone

Member since 2015

Their service is professional, I confident with them.

Robin Collier

Member since 2016

Met the person in the project, the peoples are real.

Elbert Ford

Member since 2016

I tried oil forex before, and I lost too much. I am great to learn about actual oil trading from Pegasus.

Wilfred Oliver

Member since 2015

Website is beautiful, system is fast, people is experience, they are serious in the business, everything is great, most importantly, I receive my return everyday :D

Kendra Houston

Member since 2015

I tried many investments, I can say this company is above my expectation. My humble opinion for all, believe in your own heart. If you feel good, just try small and start invest. If you over-worry and too afraid of small lose, don’t invest, put all your money under your pillow and wait them rot.

Katrina Harris

Member since 2015

Co Len, Pegasus.

Wilbur Williams

Member since 2015

In overall, better than saving in bank.

Lynda Mclaughlin

Member since 2016



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