Frequently Asked Question

  • Who are you?

    Pegasus Trading Management Limited is a Hong Kong based multinational corporation that was founded in Vietnam on December 2015.

  • What is your main activity?

    Pegasus Trading Management Limited trade 2 major commodities: Physical gold trading locally in Vietnam, and physical oil trading as a collaborative partner of Sinosin Oil and Gas Private Limited in Singapore and Eco Energy Limited in Labuan Malaysia.

  • How long have you been in business?

    Pegasus officially founded in Vietnam since 2015 and has been in business before it’s incorporation. Before 2014, the current founder and management team of Pegasus was just an oil broker team under an oil buyer’s mandate in Hong Kong. After years of struggled and experienced in oil trade, the broker team was spread into two companies, Sinosin Oil and Gas Private Limited in Singapore and Pegasus Trading Management in Vietnam. Now, the team of Sinosin is still operating oil trading in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, while Pegasus is collaborating the oil trade as an intermediary. On top of that, Pegasus is currently trading investment grade of fine gold in Vietnam market. Eco Energy Limited (Labuan) joined the team of Sinosin and Pegasus since a successful contract deal in May 2015. (PS: This investment platform is a stand-alone project by Pegasus Trading Management and has no direct benefit or obligation to Sinosin and Eco Energy)

  • What is your main advantage?

    One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that we willing to share a small portion of the profit from our trading activity to investor like you, so that you have the opportunity to invest partly into our crude oil trading and enjoy the benefit from it.

  • How can I trust you?

    We show solid proof and information from our trading activity, such as photos from Top-Table-Meeting (TTM), trading contract, banking instruments, proof of product, bill of landing, export permit and everything related to the project in this investment platform. We have more than 70 photos just from TTM itself, it’s real and it cannot be faked by photoshop. The main key persons attending the TTM are also been introduced clearly by their corporate profile.

  • Who can participate in your program and do you accept investors from all countries?

    Any individual or corporation from any country may open an account with us and we are happy to accept investors from any place in the world. The only condition is you need to be over 18 years old to invest, or invest under the guidance of parent/legal guardian if under 18 years old.

  • In a case of emergency, how can I contact you?

    If you have any technical problems or further questions, you are most welcome to contact us using our friendly support center to send a support request.

  • Does Bitcoin price change affect my investment?

    No, we convert your investment amount from BTC to USD or vice versa using the real-time exchange rate when you make a deposit or withdraw your daily return.

  • Do you offer money back guarantee?

    Yes, you can request your principal back and cancel your investment without any fee and receive your funds in your wallet immediately if any technical issue occur on our side.

  • Do you charge any fee for providing your investment services?

    No, we do not charge any fee. We are happy and willing to share our expertise and experience to everyone who interested to know more.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major payment systems of the market, including Perfect Money, Payeer and Bit Coin. We aim to add more payment methods and direct credit card payment interface in the near future.

  • Why do you use online payment processors?

    Online payment systems facilities are very convenient to instantly transfer funds and the fees are very low compared to bank transfer. They also suit our business model very well since it’s easy to exchange funds in and out of our accounts and we don’t have to pay extra tax.

  • Do you return principal?

    No, your daily return include your principal.

  • What investment package do you offer?

    We offer fix rate of return in 300% in every investment range from USD50 to USD5000. The only difference is the additional weekly bonus subjects to corporate revenue which vary in every package and every week.

  • What is your investment packages period?

    The period is a fixed 300 business days for all packages.

  • Do you offer compounding?

    No, we do not offer compounding at this time. However, you can re-invest your return and referral commission if you wish to do so. All investments will be treated separately. It is not possible to merge your investment with another one.

  • Do you provide instant chat support?

    Yes, we provide unlimited instant chat support for our investors. Please mention your username in your chat room and we will investigate your issue and do our best to resolve it within 48 hours.

  • Are you protected from DDoS attacks?

    Yes, we are using the most powerful DDoS protection in the industry with 100% up-time guarantee. Our worldwide web servers are protected by Cloudflare, the world’s largest and most trusted DDoS protection and mitigation provider.

  • Do you provide phone support?

    Yes, we also provide phone support for our investors, and the phone number is a personal cell phone number of our oil trader expert updated from time to time when they are available. You may contact our office number if you want to, but it’s not practical if there is no one response to you after office hour.

  • What is the Representative program?

    We develops a strategy to make our service popular in all countries of the world. To achieve this goal we implements a representative program where participants can earn by attracting new clients. The participants earn from the investments made by the clients attracted by them.

  • Who can participate in our Representative program?

    The total active deposit amount of your team (including you and all your referrals within all three levels) should be higher than $5000 to become a representative.
    We have further promotion program to the representative manager, with higher commission benefit. The total active deposit amount of your team (including you and all your referrals within all three levels) should be higher than $15000 to be promoted to a representative manager.

  • What are the advantages of representatives?

    You can become an official representative and awarded with a higher commission (4% - 2% - 1%), or be promoted to be a representative manager with even higher commission (5% - 2% - 1%), get in touch with support center 24 hours a day, attract more investors from your region by being listed in our representatives page and many more advantages which can be discussed individually with administrative department. After a brief evaluation process, we will cover whole or partial costs of the both online and offline advertising campaigns that you may want to organize in your area in order to promote us. We will provide you with promotional banners, brochures and other materials you will find useful when advertising us. We will eagerly help you with offline seminars, conferences and workshops should you decide to organize them. We will consult you on how to efficiently promote our company via a great variety of online media, social networks, online groups, blogs and forums. A personal manager will be assigned to you. This way every support query you may have will be answered and every problem that may arise will be fixed in the swiftest way. For more advantages of representatives compare to normal investors, please visit the Representatives section or click here.

  • What responsibilities do the representatives have?

    There is a number of responsibilities carried out by the representatives. Those responsibilities are optional, though it is desirable that they are all performed in sync: The attraction of clients in your region; Consulting the clients by phone, email, messenger and other means of communication; The creation of websites or blogs about us in your native tongue; The promotion in social networks.



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