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As an international oil trading company, we have involved in many complicated procedures and operations. Click here to expand if you interest to read more, otherwise please skip this.

Most of the times, we spend more effort in verifying real or fake buyer/seller mandate more than just arrange TTM to sign the contract.

There are too many inexperience or joker broker all around the world to offer an oil deal that is not exist at all.
If we ignore this screening procedure in the beginning, it will be a total waste of time (sometime it take up to 3 months) when genuine buyer meeting an inexperience seller, or real seller meeting a fake buyer with no fund to block for SBLC to trade at all.
To be a good intermediary mandate, we have to make sure the requirements from both parties shall be met for all the procedures before we proceed to arrange a meet up. If we fail to do so, wasting time is just the least worry we concern about, but losing credibility in our team performance will affect our trust from the buyer/seller in the near future.

Even after the procedures are settled and SPA is signed, there are still many operations to be handled in later stage, such as coordinating buyer bank to SWIFT SBLC MT760 to seller bank, coordinating seller bank to return SWIFT PB to buyer bank, requesting for POP and export documents during the loading of oil tanker, reporting to buyer of the tanker’s location during the shipment period, handling import tax clearance when the ship is going to arrive at buyer’s destination port, coordinating DIP test and acquire SGS test report, coordinating buyer bank to SWIFT MT103/23 for payment and commission, etc.
These are the reasons why crude oil trading is not an easy business, but once a trader grasps the experience and skill, with the connection to the existing genuine buyer/seller, he can hardly fail in oil trade no more.

In this investment system, we decide to provide you a much simpler solution in crude oil trading investment.
The concept is very simple here, you invest into our crude oil investment program, and we return you 300% of your investment.

Invest and Return

Purpose of Investment

Our main intention of this project is to promote our investment system to the public.
In this project, we open up and share the 10% of 4 million barrels (2 shipments) BLCO cargo quota to the investors, in which the 400,000 barrels BLCO will acquire $24 million of block fund. Investors will be allocated to the quota of this project, until $24 million is acquired.
Upon acquiring $24 million, we will temporary pause all the new investment requests until we completely fulfill our current obligation to all the existing investors. This action is for the purpose to protect the consistent interest of our existing investors, however, we will re-open for investment request if we acquire new contract deal in the future.

Return of Investment$150$600$3000$15000
Daily Return %1% for 300 days
Business day
1% for 300 days
Business day
1% for 300 days
Business day
1% for 300 days
Business day
Additional Weekly BonusNot entitle
(release on Sat)
(release on Sat)
(release on Sat)
(release on Sat)

Purpose of Static Investment



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